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12th August 2015


Peel Farm, near Kirriemuir, held a fantastic food & drink event on Thursday 20th August.  The evening, which  included activities for all the family focussed on showcasing some of Peel Farm Shop’s produce at a Taste of Angus BBQ using Peel Farm’s own highland beef, as well as a nature tour, jam and pancake making and an opportunity to sample some of Gin Bothys new ranges created in the Bothy at Peel Farm

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Top Ten Tips for Succession Planning

25th November 2014


Top Ten Tips for Succession by Sian Bushell


Sian Bushell recently facilitated a family business meeting with the McConchie Family, Scottish Enterprise Agritourism Monitor Farmers in the South of Scotland.

1. Plan for succession as soon as your children are born. This means that there is time to ensure that all children are treated fairly without endangering the core business.

2. It is good business governance to review succession at least once a year to ensure that everything is on track and consider any changes that may have happened.

3. Talk about succession with the family frequently and openly so that it does not become a taboo subject. Include all family members who are linked to the business including in-laws.

4. Have a proper plan for retirement. What does retirement mean to you? Put a date on when you will be stepping back from the responsibility of running the business. Where will you be living? Have you enough pension? If not where will the top up for the pension be coming from? If it is from the family business work out exactly how much will be needed each year so that it can be part of the business budget.

5. Everyone should have a Will – no excuses! The contents of the Will should be discussed with the beneficiaries.

6. If a young family member is coming back into the family business, have a proper plan of integration. This will include where they will live, what hours they work, payment, responsibilities and how to include them in the decision-making.

7. Consider Power of Attorney for those in the business.

8. Have proper, regular, business meetings to ensure effective communication between everyone working within the business.

9. When considering succession, the assets and the business should be thought of separately.

10. Use good professionals at every step. Always check with a tax expert before taking any course of action. Always have a proper partnership agreement. Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve means the professionals can work to what you want far easier. However remember succession is not just about tax. Any plan has to work for the family.

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Top 10 Tips on Branding for Agritourism Businesses

20th October 2014


Top 10 Tips on Branding for Agritourism Businesses

These top 10 Tips were discussed at the recent Scottish Enterprise Agritourism Monitor Farm meeting at Peel Farm. Read the full report here  Our USP and Brand, Meeting 3 Tuesday 30th September Peel Farm Report.docx


1. The importance of “our story”, particular in Agritourism businesses where this differentiates the Agritourism offering to consumers from other types of experiences.

2. The importance of asking customers what they want, listening to their needs and acting on this important information.

3. People buying from an Agritourism business are buying a part of the life that the owner has – whether this be food and drink produced on the farm or the friendliness and professionalism of the family growing this produce, the care put into producing these crops and selling them to people, the culture of the family unit, the role of farmers as guardians of the environment.

4. The importance of not only staff training but motivating and inspiring staff and ensuring they are an extension of the family and they have the skills and knowledge to tell your story on your behalf (essential as a business expands).

5. Shopping in a Farm Shop is a lifestyle choice and not a necessity for consumers.

6. “Ardross Farm Shop stands for fresh, local, trust, integrity, family and hardwork.” This is what makes up the Ardross USP.

7. The importance of a strong brand and the message that this brand represents.

8. The ethos of Anna and Ross Mitchell, owners of Castleton Farm Shop to focus on excellent customer service and a fantastic dining experience sets the high standards which both customers and staff relate to.

9. The importance of being true to customers and not putting your brand to anything which is not produced in the farm shop. Customers of farm shops expect this.

10. Using social media and e-communications to tell your story to customers.

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August at Laggan, South of Scotland Monitor Farm

18th September 2014


What a month we have had on the Costa del Fleet Bay. Temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees, tourists flocking to the beach and stock on the farm is thriving. It has been a great month and having such a settled spell of weather has made life so much easier this year

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Heads on Beds Monitor Farm Report

17th August 2014


The second Scottish Enterprise Agritourism Monitor Farm meeting was held at Peel Farm on Monday 4th August 2014. Over 40 members of the Monitor Farm Community Group attended the meeting, along with MSPS from the Rural Affairs Select Committee. 

The topic for the meeting was "Heads on Beds".  The Fleming Family have invested £320,000 in new 5 star accommodation on the farm for guests. They received a £160,000 SRDP grant in the last round of SRDP towards this capital cost. Without this grant, the investment would not be possible. The meeting focused on strategy and activities to give this accommodation investment the best possible return on investment. 

A full report on the meeting's outcomes can be found Heads on Beds 2nd Meeting Report.docx

A copy of the Business Plan used to obtain the SRDP Grant can be found here. Please note that the structure of the Plan is copyright of SAC Consulting. The content is copyright of the Fleming Family. 

The SRDP Business plan is here SRDP Diversification Business PEEL FARM.pdf

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