Quick Answer: What Advances In Farming Occurred During The Song Dynasty?


What two advances were made during the Song dynasty?

Just a few of these advancements included improvements in agriculture, development of moveable type, uses for gunpowder, invention of a mechanical clock, superior shipbuilding, the use of paper money, compass navigation, and porcelain production.

How did advancements in farming affect China’s population?

How did agricultural advancements affect China’s population? Farms became more productive which made more food. Because food was plentiful, China’s population increased.

What were the effects of the agricultural changes that occurred during the Song Dynasty?

What impact did those changes have? Agricultural changes occured during the Song dynasty because of the movement of farmers to the fertile basins of the Chang Jiang river in southern China. New agricultural changes were chain pumps, new rice, harrows, and fertilizers.

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What changes in agriculture took place during the Song dynasty that led to a major growth of China’s economy?

Irrigation of arable land was also greatly fostered during this period. Prominent statesman and economist Wang Anshi issued the Law and Decree on Irrigation in 1069 that encouraged expansion of the irrigation system in China. As a result of this policy, crop production in China tripled.

What were three inventions of the Song Dynasty?

The Song period is often compared with the western Renaissance when plenties of inventions were made that substantially improved the welware of mankind and contributed to technological progress. Indeed, three important inventions of mankind were made during the Song period: moveable printing types, gunpowder, and the

Who defeated the Song Dynasty?

The Mongols (Yuan dynasty, 1279-1368), after defeating the Jurchen in the early 13th century, went on and fully defeated the Song to control all of China.

How did fast ripening rice help China?

Because it grew and ripened quickly, this rice enabled farmers to grow two or even three crops in the time it used to take to grow just one. Trade grew along with Chinese cities. This trade, combined with China’s agricultural base, made China richer than ever before.

Which Chinese invention do you think is the most important why?

Papermaking, printing, gunpowder and the compass – the four great inventions of ancient China – are significant contributions of the Chinese nation to world civilization. China was the first nation to invent paper.

What are two factors that led to the improvements in agriculture during the Song Dynasty?

What advances in farming occurred during the Song Dynasty? New irrigation techniques and irrigation systems. Farms were more productive, with the discoveryof a new type of fast-ripening rice. Also they grew new crops like cotton and tea.

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Why was the Song Dynasty so rich?

9 Song Empire earned a great deal of money from the shipbuilding industry and international trade. Military Service: Recruitment of Professional Soldiers. In disastrous years with the bad harvest, the recruitment of famine refugees was an important source.

What metal did the Song Dynasty dramatically increase the production of?

The Song Economic Revolution Iron production reached around 125,000 tons per year in 1078 CE, a sixfold increase over the output in 800 CE. Iron and steel were put to many uses, ranging from nails and tools to the chains for suspension bridges and Buddhist statues.

What impact did the Song Dynasty have on transportation?

What impact did improvements in transportation have or the Tang and Song dynasties? It increased numbers (of people) and brought different cultures.

What is a main reason why the demand for luxury items increased in the Tang Song Dynasty periods?

Tea became a social drink instead of just a medicine. What is the main reason why the demand for luxury items increased? Landowners were getting richer.

What role did Rice play in the economic development and success of the Song Dynasty?

Rice and Tea It was during the Song dynasty that rice became such an important crop for the Chinese. Drought-resistant and fast-growing rice was introduced to southern China. This new rice allowed farmers to have two harvests in a single year, doubling the amount of rice they could grow.

What were some negative effects of increased agricultural production?

Agriculture increases carbon dioxide levels a considerable amount, making it one of the main sources of carbon dioxide emissions for decades. Animal waste from farms contains harmful pathogens such as Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia duodenalis, both of which are known to cause disease and infection.

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