Quick Answer: Kenshi How To Automate Farming?


How do I assign jobs to Kenshi?

Jobs are an ordered set of commands that are given by holding Shift and Right-clicking on a task. Characters with the Jobs button enabled will attempt to do the jobs starting from the top of the list. If one job cannot be completed, the character will move to the next one.

Do you need water in Kenshi?

Water is necessary for the production of several items and vital for the production of crops. It can be acquired from a Well or a Rain Collector and stored in a Water Tower or Water Tank. It cannot be consumed as food, nor is needed for any sort of cooling or dehydration prevention in the deserts of Kenshi.

Where can I farm in Kenshi?

Depending on certain World States, this vendor might spawn in these locations:

  • Bark.
  • Blister Hill.
  • Heng.
  • Holy Farm.
  • Port North.
  • Port South.
  • Slave Farm South.

How do I prospect in Kenshi?

Prospecting can be assigned to a player character by pressing the ” Prospect ” button in lower-right part of the screen.

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Can you join factions in Kenshi?

In Kenshi, there are several different factions you can join and fight against. Some factions will be hostile to any person they see, such as: Cannibals, Berserkers and Swamp Ninjas. The different factions can wage war against one another, so be careful with whom you choose to side.

How do you eat in Kenshi?

In Kenshi, your character eats food automatically. All you need to do is have food in your inventory or on the ground nearby. You can buy food from traders in towns or travelling trade caravans. Once your character hits a certain hunger value they will automatically eat food.

Does Kenshi have Steam Workshop?

The Steam Workshop makes it easy to discover or share new content for your game or software. Click the Subscribe button on the detail page for the item and it will be available when you start Kenshi.

Do you need to sleep in Kenshi?

Essential place to rest and recover faster from wounds. 800% heal rate when sleeping. Beds are used for restoring the health of characters. Beds are used to heal a player’s wounds after they have been bandaged.

How do you make grog Kenshi?

Grog has no markup due to its rarity in any faction. Grog is made in a Grog Machine using Wheatstraw and Water via the Cooking skill. It is stored in its own unique storage container, Grog Barrels.

How do you make Bloodrum Kenshi?

It cannot be crafted by the player. Large quantities can be looted from Smugglers (Grayflayers) in the Grey Desert Waystation area.

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What grows in arid Kenshi?

Arid land is desert-like or sandy. It is prone to sand storms. The crop yield of Cactus Farms and to a lesser extent, Wheat Farms and Hemp Farms, are based on arid fertility.

What grows in the swamp Kenshi?

At this spot, arid lands and swamp connects, which made it possible to farm hemp (100%), wheat (60%), cactus (100%) and riceweed (100%). Here we can find a lot of water, stone, iron and copper.

What do I do with cactus in Kenshi?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Cactus is an inedible raw ingredient used in the crafting of Food & Cactus Rum. It can be bought from Trade Goods Traders or Holy Farm Leaders at various locations. It is grown at a Cactus Farm and must be grown in an arid Environment.

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