Quick Answer: How To Hire More Workers In Farming Simulator 2015?


How do you hire more workers in Farming Simulator 2019?

When you are sitting in a machine (complete one: e.g. the tractor must have the appropriate bits fitted), position yourself by the field where you want to start the working process and press the employment key. Optionally, start the work yourself and then select the option of hiring a worker.

How do you hire workers in Farming Simulator 2017?

I like to align the vehicle perfectly on the land plot I want them to work. Then, hold down L1 or LB and hit the hire button. You can then leave your vehicle, and your worker will continue on. If they get stuck, or once they complete their task, you will get a message on your right-hand side of the screen.

Where is the well in Farming Simulator 15?

Reward Farming Simulator 15 Guide To obtain the reward, you have to go to a mysterious well, located in the bottom left corner of the map, near field no. 40 (coordinates: [229,1714]). When approaching the well, another notification will appear, saying that you receive a reward.

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How do you fire a worker in Farming Simulator 19?

On the speed adjustment screen, there is an option called Fuel Save or something similar. Make sure it is active and the workers will turn off the engine. As far as auto firing them, no, you can’t unfortunately.

How do I hire a worker in pure farming 2018?

Workers in Pure Farming 2018 Pure Farming 2018 Guide and Walkthrough. You can assign workers to any field. In order to do that, get into a vehicle with a machine adjusted to work that you want to perform. Now move to a field that you want to work in and press J.

How do you fill the water tank in Farming Simulator 2015?

To fill the Mobile Water Tank with Water, you’ll need to drive it next to a watering trough. These exist in a variety of locations on each map, and are not marked. As soon as the tank is next to the trough, you can press the ” Refill ” button to begin pumping water into it.

How do you speed up time in Farming Simulator 15?

To do so, press the [ESC] key. The most important options are listed below: Timescale – One of the most important setting. Here, you change the speed of time in the game.

Where are the gold coins on Farming Simulator 15?

Gold Coins can be found lying around in the Bjornholm map in Farming Simulator 15. There are exactly 100 coins on the map, which can be collected by walking over them, similarly to collecting eggs. After you collect 10 coins, the other 90 coins will show up on your map and minimap as fairly large gold dots.

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What is silage on Farming Simulator 15?

Silage is a type of commodity in Farming Simulator 15. It is the most valuable commodity by default. Silage can be produced from Grass, Chaff, or Hay, and requires a different process depending on which material is chosen.

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