Question: Where Is The Well In Farming Simulator 2015?


Where is the wishing well in Farming Simulator 15?

When all the coins are collected you will get a message telling you “They’re completely worthless, time to throw them into a ditch”, they can be thrown into a wishing well, located near field 35 and 40, at the end of a dirt road in the very corner of the map.

How do you get a loan on Farming Simulator 15?

To take a loan, you have to go to one of the ATMs or just press the key responsible for your finances [INS].

How do you speed up time in Farming Simulator 15?

To do so, press the [ESC] key. The most important options are listed below: Timescale – One of the most important setting. Here, you change the speed of time in the game.

What is silage on Farming Simulator 15?

Silage is a type of commodity in Farming Simulator 15. It is the most valuable commodity by default. Silage can be produced from Grass, Chaff, or Hay, and requires a different process depending on which material is chosen.

Where do you sell potatoes in Farming Simulator 2015 Westbridge Hills?

Player’s farm – The place where your silos, warehouse and chicken coop is. Two of three fields that you own from the start are close to the farm. Grain mill – Here you can sell grain, potatoes and sugar beets.

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How do you get water on farming simulator?

To transport water, you must use special tanks. You’ll find them in the Animals tab of the store. These include: Joskin Aquatrans 7300 S (9500$) and Lizard MKS 8 and MKS 32, which can also transport milk, hence their high price (25 000$ and 68 000$).

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