Often asked: What Is Pp Farming Osu?


What is PP farming?

Playing maps for the sole reason of gaining PP is PP farming. A farm map is a map that is much easier compared to other songs of their level. Usually a farm map is an incredibly easy map with 1 hard part that brings the star rating all the way up and the PP with it.

What is PP in OSU?

Performance points (or pp for short) is a ranking metric that aims to be more contextually relevant to a player’s progression in osu!. It aims to shift the focus of skill progression from the amount of time played to an actual representation of the player’s skill.

Is PP farming bad?

There’s one bad thing about farming easy maps. When you farm pp, you create this illusion that you’re better than you actually are. After farming pp, you will have this period (could last a few weeks, or in extreme cases a few months) where no matter how much you play, your pp will not increase.

Why do people hate pp farmers?

People look down on PP farming because you’re basically gaining more PP for doing easier patterns, not only that but you’re also doing it faster and saving a lot of time, except, time is what you need when you have to get better.

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What is DT in OSU?

wiki wrote: Double Time mod increases the overall beatmap’s speed (BPM) to 150% of the original, reducing the length of the song by 33%, and increases AR, OD, and HP by a small amount (signified by the superscript triangle).

What is the highest pp play in OSU?

# PP Player
1 1902.91 starike418
2 1882.45 starike418
3 1620.21 starike418
4 1424.52 DavenX


Can you lose PP OSU?

for those saying they “lost” pp, well, that’s not how it works. in general *everyone* is going to ” lose ” pp as a result of these changes. this is why we officially avoid focusing on the raw number, as it is intended to be used in a relative sense only.

Why am I not getting any PP OSU?

If you have too many plays of the same or lower pp, the weighted system means you won’t gain any total pp.

How is OSU PP calculated?

On an individual beatmap, pp is based on the difficulty of the song and one’s accuracy score on the song. One can try over and over to improve their performance, but only the best performance on each beatmap will count.

How do farm maps work OSU?

A farm map is any map that you play for the pp, not for the map or the song. They are maps that are intentionally mapped for large amounts of PP. You can play those maps too if you care about your rank that much but if you don’t care about your rank you have no reason to care about those maps either.

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What are OSU mods?

Game modifiers (or ” mod ” for short) are optional modifications to a beatmap’s elements and settings that players can enable from the Mod Selection Screen (above). Mods can make beatmaps easier, harder, or just plain fun.

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