How To Start Goat Farming In Pakistan?


Is goat farming profitable in Pakistan?

You can commercially produce meat, milk, skin or fiber from your farm. According to the weather of Pakistan raising meat and milk goats are very suitable and profitable.

How much does it cost to start a goat farm in Pakistan?

Goat Fattening Farm is proposed to be located at any suitable areas of Pakistan. The project is related to Goat and sheep fattening purposes, the total capacity is 50 goats. Project Cost Estimate is Rs. 1.31 Million with fixed investment of Rs.

How many goats do I need to start a goat farm?

It is never a good idea to just have one goat, you need at a minimum two goats. Two does or a doe and a wether (a neutered male goat ) or a buck and a doe, if you are ready to start a little herd. They huddle and cuddle, they eat and they sleep together.

How much does a goat cost in Pakistan?

A goat, sheep or lamb may cost from Rs25,000 to Rs45,000 whereas a cow or buffalo may cost something between Rs75,000 to Rs120,000 or more.

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Which breed of goat is most profitable?

Top Most Profitable Indian Goat Breeds:

  • Beetal Goat: Beetal breed goats are mainly found in the Batala subdivision of Gurdaspur district of Punjab province.
  • Black Bengal Goat:
  • Barbari Goat:
  • Jamnapari Goat:
  • Sirohi Goat:
  • Gaddi Goat:


Which is best goat in Pakistan?

The important goat breeds are Beetal, Dera Din Panah and Teddy in Punjab, Barbari and Kamori in Sindh, Kaghani and Jatal in N.W.F.P. and Khurassani, Lehri and Pahari in Balochistan Goat production is almost evenly distributed among all regions of the country.

How much profit does a goat farmer make?

At present the annual gross revenue of the goat farm is Rs. 4 to 5 lakhs and total annual expenditure is Rs. 1.5 to 2 lakhs giving an annual net income of Rs. 2 to 3 lakhs.

Which goat gives more milk in Pakistan?

Among all the breeds of goat in Pakistan, Beetal is the best in terms of milk and meat production.

How much does it cost to start a goat farm?

$630-$2730 for your first goat and milking setup. I did not include food, unexpected Vet cost, supplements, fencing, feeders, waterers, bedding, or housing. The first year always seems the worst. Once you have the right setup and all the equipment the price per year goes down drastically.

At what age can a goat get pregnant?

A goat can become pregnant as young as five months of age. Female goats can have their first heat season anywhere from five months to over one year of age.

How long do pygmy goats live?

They live approximately eight to 12 years. Pygmy goats are a popular breed for small homesteads. Expect to have the goats for 12 years.

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Are goats a good investment?

The fact of the matter is that raising goats can be very profitable. Most North American farmers tend to focus on cattle, pigs, and chickens. However, the goat market is becoming increasingly large and popular, with the demand of goat’s milk and goat meat rising on a yearly basis.

How can I make money raising goats?

5 Ways to Make Money From Your Goats

  1. Rent Your Goats for Brush Removal. Goats love nothing more than a brush buffet.
  2. Make Goat’s Milk Soap. Handcrafted soap is popular—even the New York Times covered the trend.
  3. Host Goat Yoga.
  4. Produce Milk & Cheese. Pixabay.
  5. Raise Goats for Meat.

Which goat is best for farming?

Nine best Goat Breeds for Milk and Meat

  • Jamnapari. Jamnapari is the most popular breed for commercial goat farming in India.
  • Boer Goat. This breed was developed in South Africa and it is the most popular breed in the world for meat.
  • Barbari.
  • Beetal.
  • Osmanabadi.
  • Malabari.
  • Jakhrana.
  • Sirohi.

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