FAQ: When Is This Farming Life On?


Will there be a new series of this farming life?

The hugely popular TV series This Farming Life is on the lookout for new families willing to share their everyday stories of life on the farm. Series four of the BAFTA-award winning programme is currently being aired, with the latest episode broadcast on 13 January 2021.

How many episodes is this season 4 of farming life?

Episodes (12) A young farming couple take on a huge gamble, new entrant farmers hatch baby ostriches, and a seasoned shepherdess competes in the English National Sheepdog trials.

Who narrates this farming life 2020?

James Thornton on narrating ‘This Farming Life ‘

What is on BBC2 tonight?


Time TV Show
12:45 pm Around the World in 80 Days
3:30 pm Life in the Air Masters of the Sky
4:30 pm Our Wild Adventures Britain and Ireland – Season 1 Episode 7
5:30 pm Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2021: Episode 3


Where are the farms in this farming life?

This Farming Life’s five families run farms in some of Scotland’s most remote and beautiful places: sea shepherd Sandy Granville tends flocks on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides; soon-to-be-wed Mel Kelly and Martin Irvine raise sheep and cows in Banffshire; Bobby and Anne Lennox farm near Loch Lomond; in the far

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Is there a season 5 of this farming life?

THIS FARMING Life has been given the green light to return for a fifth series and the BBC has today begun its search for its next farming families.

Is this farming life on BritBox?

Included with BritBox on Amazon for $6.99/month after trial Sold by Amazon.com Services LLC.

How many episodes of Born mucky are there?

‘ Born Mucky ‘ will explore the ‘resilience and commitment required to keep farms thriving’. It has been commissioned by Quest, a free-to-air channel owned by Discovery, and will be a ten episode series.

How many series of this farming life are there?

Following on from the first part of series four – which aired in August 2020 – this second part will resume on Wednesday, January 6, from 8pm on BBC2 and will continue weekly with the last episode due to air on February 10, 2021.

When did this farming life series 3 start?

This Farming Life: Season 3 (2019)

What is James Thornton doing now?

James Thornton bowed out of the show to spend more time with his off-screen wife, Gavin and Stacey actress Joanna Page. He also continues to be a successful voiceover actor for various adverts and TV series – even the 2012 Soap Awards trailer!

What does Thornton narrator?

Thornton has narrated several documentaries including Take Me to the Edge (2008) and The Curse of Oak Island for UK audiences. He appeared as himself in television shows including Loose Women (2009–2012), and Let’s Dance for Sports Relief (2011).

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