FAQ: What Is Tree Farming?


What is meant by tree farming?

: a systematic program of conservation and reforestation designed to ensure continuous commercial production of timber.

How do tree farms work?

Traditional tree farms are much like a plantation with one primary crop, saw and pulp logs. You need trees that are: Easy to grow – Choose trees that can be planted with low up-front costs and low maintenance and harvest costs. In most instances, that means native trees, the species that grow naturally in your region.

What is the name of a tree farm?

The definition of an orchard is an area of land where fruit or nut trees are grown.

Which means timber farming?

tree farming – the cultivation of tree for the production of timber. arboriculture. farming, husbandry, agriculture – the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock.

What are the benefits of tree farming?

  • Planting and protecting remnant vegetation on the farm. Aside from enhancing the environment what is in it for you and your farm business?
  • Stock Production – Increased Shelter for Stock.
  • Shelter for Pasture and Crops.
  • Firewood and Timber Production.
  • Carbon Farming Initiative.
  • Other benefits:
  • Paddock productivity benefits.
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How do I become a tree farmer?

How to Start a Tree Farm Business

  1. If you need immediate profits, start a tree nursery.
  2. Know what your tax structure is going to be.
  3. Create a regular cycle of profit.
  4. Install a solid system of irrigation.
  5. Have your farm certified.
  6. Manage your crops.
  7. Get into the landscaping business.
  8. Market yourself.

How much money does it take to start a tree farm?

Input costs to establish and maintain the tree farm are estimated at between $1800 and $3000 per hectare. Conventional logging equipment is used to harvest the trees. Potential markets include wood pellet mills, pulp mills, oriented strand board (OSB) plants, and sawmills.

Is a tree farm a good investment?

Many experts say trees are one of the safest investments you can make with your land. “ Trees are a good investment, it’s just a long-term investment,” South Carolina Tree Farm Committee Chairman Dr. George Kessler said. “You plant a tree and it’s 15 years before you get a first harvest,” said McPhail.

How much can you make off a tree farm?

With 200 trees per acre ready for harvesting each year, a u -cut tree farm could theoretically bring in $9,200 per acre annually. Most farms don’t generate this much revenue, though. Many max out their profits between $15,000 and $20,000 because there is a limited demand for Christmas trees in any one area.

What qualifies as a tree?

Though no scientific definition exists to separate trees and shrubs, a useful definition for a tree is a woody plant having one erect perennial stem (trunk) at least three inches in diameter at a point 4-1/2 feet above the ground, a definitely formed crown of foliage, and a mature height of at least 13 feet.

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Is tree farming sustainable?

Trees store carbon and produce oxygen; managed trees produce less carbon from decaying plant matter. And tree farms are continually planting new trees to replace the ones cut down, to remain sustainable.

Are tree farms good for the environment?

The trees provide many benefits to the environment as they grow, cleaning the air and providing watersheds and habitats for wildlife. Many other states also have sizable Christmas tree farms, which preserve open land from development by their very existence.

Is Timber considered farming?

If the profit motive is not met, your timber may be considered a hobby rather than business (losses from hobby activities are not deductible). Finally, timber is generally not treated the same as a business of farming for tax purposes.

What does a forest farmer do?

In Forest Farming, high-value speciality crops are cultivated under the protection of a forest canopy that has been modified and managed to provide the appropriate conditions. It is a way of utilising forests for short-term income while high-quality trees are being grown for wood products.

What is farm forestry and its advantages?

Farm forestry is the practice of growing trees on the farm land to produce saleable products like timber, tannin, charcoal, etc. and to provide shade and shelter for stock and crops. Two advantages of farm forestry are- It increases farm income. It supports community development.

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