FAQ: In Clash Of Clans What Does Farming Mean?


What is the point of a farming base in clash of clans?

The ” Farming Base ” prioritizes resources. You leave your Town Hall outside your walls, and bring your storages towards the center, protected by overlapping defenses. Usually collectors, camps, and barracks buildings are around the outside of the base. The goal of this base is to keep enemies from hitting your storages.

What is the difference between farming and trophy base?

Trophy base:- This base is designed for defence to gain trophy. In this base you don’t like loot, you just have focused on Trophy … ( pushing base also called it!) Farming base:- This base designed for Protecting your gained trophies …

What does farming base mean?

A farming base is a base used by farmers, thus it typically revolves around defending resources and not caring about trophies.

Can you still farm in COC?

Yes, you can farm at any Town Hall level.

What is the best layout for CoC?

‘ Clash of Clans ‘ Builder: Top 10 Layouts You Need to See

  1. A Stage Layout That Offers Ample Protection for Heroes and Resource Bases.
  2. A Town Hall 9 Hybrid Base for Clan Wars.
  3. An Ultimate Town Hall 7 Layout That’s a Good Trophy Base.
  4. A Town Hall 8 Village Layout That’s Good at Protecting Your Gold Storage.
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What’s the best army in clash of clans?

Here are ten of the most popular and devastating Clash of Clans attacks that you can use to dominate your opponents.

  1. 1 King/Queen/Healers/Golems/Wiz.
  2. 2 Drags/P.E.K.K.A.s/Healers/Giants.
  3. 3 Giants/Gobs/Archers.
  4. 4 Golems/Wiz/P.E.K.K.A.s.
  5. 5 Golems/Valks/Hog Riders.
  6. 6 Balloons/Archers.
  7. 7 Giants/Wiz/Healers.
  8. 8 Giants/Wiz/Loons.

Is there a town hall 14?

TOWN HALL 14. Town Hall 14 will still have a Giga Inferno that can be upgraded 5 levels. However, when the Town Hall is destroyed, it’ll now drop a Poison Bomb that deals damage, slows enemy attacks and movement speed.

What are the different types of COC bases?

There are two main types of bases used in Clash of Clans, the defensive or “Trophy” base and the “Farming” base. A third type, the “Hybrid”, has features of both. The first type, and the most common, is the defensive base.

What is a Defence base in COC?

A common (but poor) base defense strategy is grouping your defenses into two groups, with critical non- defensive buildings between them (Town Hall, Resource Storage).

What is the best thing in clash of clans?

Clash Of Clans: The 5 Best Characters (& The 5 Worst)

  1. 1 Worst: Goblins.
  2. 2 Best: P.E.K.K.A.
  3. 3 Worst: Wall Breakers.
  4. 4 Best: Healers.
  5. 5 Worst: Lava Hounds.
  6. 6 Best: Yeti.
  7. 7 Worst: Battle Blimp.
  8. 8 Best: Archer Queen.

Is farming good in clash of clans?

If you are a high level player, you should really consider farming on higher leagues with a strong army. The bonus is huge, with the right attack you can get up to 800k of Gold on a single attack. Definitely a great idea instead of using cheat troops on lower leagues.

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