FAQ: How To Start Quail Farming?


How do I start quail farming?


  1. Quail can be raised in both litter and cage systems.
  2. Make a proper ventilation system and ensure proper flow of air and light inside their house.
  3. You can raise 50 quails in a cage measuring 120 cm length, 60 cm wide and 25 cm in height.
  4. Use wire net for making their cages.

How profitable is quail farming?

Quail, although small, sells for an average of $15.00 per processed bird. If you are selling live quail, market them not only to hobby farmers but to hunting clubs. Quail farming can be a profitable venture for on the homestead, even if just used as a complementary source of farm income.

How many quail should I start with?

So the correct answer should be 9 quails are needed to produce what he is looking for.

Is it easy to farm quail?

Feeding quail is pretty easy and very similar to feeding chickens. For the best results, begin with the aforementioned wild game-bird chick starter crumble, and the birds also enjoy treats, particularly mealworms, which they’ll eat like candy.

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Are quail eggs expensive?

Where to Buy Quail Eggs. Quail eggs can be found in Chinese markets or specialty gourmet stores and, although they are certainly more expensive than chicken eggs, they aren’t as expensive as you might expect. You might expect to pay around 6 dollars per dozen.

Do quails grow fast?

Coturnix Quail There are hundreds of species of quail worldwide. Coturnix Quail make superior meat birds and good egg layers. Coturnix mature quickly and grow fast. Birds raised for meat can be harvested after 7 weeks, when they reach full size and maturity.

How much can I sell quail eggs for?

And there really is a wide range in what quail eggs sell for. In some areas, people only feel comfortable asking for $2.00 a dozen and in other areas of high demand, they are able to get $10.00 a dozen. With the middle range of $3.00-$5.00 a dozen being the most common for the price of quail eggs.

Can female quails lay eggs without a male?

You do not need a male in order for your ladies to lay. The male can reduce the chances of bullying in your flock and ease the introduction of new birds. 3. You can hatch chicks – If you wish to hatch a quail from an egg it is necessary for eggs to be fertilised and then incubated.

Are quail worth raising?

Some homesteaders are even able to sell their quail eggs, and quail egg prices can bring a $3-$10 per dozen. Backyard quail do have a lot of drawbacks. For some, raising quail is just not worth the benefits. A small fortune can be spent on backyard quail cages, special waterers, hatching equipment and so on.

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Can quail lay 2 eggs a day?

It’s not usual but certainly not unheard of for a coturnix to lay two eggs per day if she’s young, healthy, comfortable, and well-fed.

What do quails need in their cage?

Pine shavings, grass hay, straw or sand works well as litter on aviary floors. Dust bathing: Quail need to dust bathe daily to keep the mites away and the skin in good condition. If you keep your birds in a cage or hutch, you will need to put a low pan or low tray of sand or dirt in the corner.

How many quail can be kept together?

You must house at least two quails together. The reason for this is because they are social birds that will get lonely even if you visit or play with them every day.

Is quail farming a good business?

Quail farming is absolutely a very profitable business. Quail farming require less capital or investment than raising any other poultry birds. You can start this business with a very small investment. You can start with a limited number of 40 to 50 birds.

How much does quail meat cost?

Whole Quail, Bone In

1 x 4 pieces, 4 oz avg ea frozen $14.88 $11.90
9 x 4 pieces, 4 oz avg ea frozen $12.58 $11.13

How much feed does a quail eat per day?

Adult japanese quail eat between 14 g and 18 g of food per day. It is important to obtain fresh feed, and it should be stored in covered containers with tightly fitting lids in a clean, dry, cool area free from animals and vermin.

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