FAQ: How To Start Pig Farming In Nepal?


Is pig farming profitable in Nepal?

Pig farming is a very profitable business in Nepal. It can be on a micro scale or on a large scale for commercial farming. It supports the livelihood of poor people in rural areas. Pigs are kept mainly for meat production.

How much does it cost to start a pig farm?

Each barn is different, but costs for a 2500-head wean-to-finish tunnel barn are roughly $300 to $310/ pig space, meaning approximately $730 to 800 thousand dollars. Beyond this, a land base and a good supply of quality water are imperative.

How do I start a small pig farm?

How to start a pig farming business

  1. READ Small -scale pig farmer implements commercial practices. SAPPO recommends that a farmer start with a herd of 250 sows to make a decent return on investment and cover overheads.
  2. Space allocation.
  3. READ Make money with free-range chickens.
  4. Environmental permission.

How many pigs do you need to start a pig farm?

To keep up to 20 pigs, you need a 2 500l tank or larger. Keep at least two days’ water in reserve in case something goes wrong with the pump and repairs have to be made. them out and sell them a few times before attempting to breed them. This will give you experience and an indication of costs.

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What is the price of pig meat in Nepal?

Description: Swine ( pork ), 51-52% lean Hogs, U.S. price, Nepalese Rupee per Pound. Swine ( pork ) Monthly Price – Nepalese Rupee per Pound.

Month Price Change
Nov 2016 50.27 -6.23 %
Dec 2016 58.05 15.48 %
Jan 2017 66.88 15.21 %
Feb 2017 77.08 15.26 %


What are the benefits of pig farming?

Since they are able to recycle most materials (which they eat and convert to meat), pigs help farmers to largely reduce feeding costs and waste. Pigs also have a high resistance to diseases (these guys hardly get sick) and adapt easily to most environments (hot or cold).

Is there money in pig farming?

Generally, in the US from 1 pig, you can get a net profit of 100- $ 500 after half a year of farming depending on how you sell the pig’s meat, (whether you will process its meat or no and how you will feed it). 1 pound pork is usually sold for $ 2-4. Most often the price is around $ 3.5 per pound.

How much does a pig eat in 6 months?

Since feed is going to be your biggest expense, we’ll start there. How much feed is it going to take to get those feeder pigs up to weight at 6 months? A pig will eat around 800 pounds of feed from weaning until 6 months old.

Is piggery farming profitable?

Pig husbandry is a profitable occupation, especially for small and marginal farmers. It requires minimum capital investment and labour. The return over the investment is quick and high. Within a very short period piglings achieve marketable maturity.

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What makes pig grow faster?

According to a team of experts from UP at Los Baños, adding ascorbic acid or Vitamin C to the diet of pigs — 800 gms. for every kilo of feeds, will make them grow faster compared to those treated with normal diets.

Which pig breed grows fastest?

Duroc: red, muscular, partially drooping ears, desirable as sires. They grow the fastest out of all the other breeds. Average live weight of matured male 300 kg and female is 250 kg. High prolificacy, with a litter size of 9 with high weaning rate.

How do I start a small cattle farm?

Starting a cow ranch begins with building a budget and understanding the costs of raising beef cattle and feeder steer. To successfully raise a healthy herd and cut down on costs, a rancher needs to:

  1. Know how many cows the land can support.
  2. Develop a long-term grazing strategy.
  3. Grow a high-quality forage.

What is the cheapest way to feed pigs?

One of the cheapest ways to feed your pigs is to find a day-old bread store or your local bakery. Some bakeries will sell you their day-old products extremely cheap or for free just to get them out of their way.

Which agriculture is most profitable?

Here are the Most Lucrative Agriculture Business Ideas:

  • Agricultural Farm.
  • 10 Most Profitable Livestock Farming Business Ideas.
  • Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer Production.
  • Dried Flower Business.
  • Fertilizer Distribution Business.
  • Organic Farm Green House.
  • Poultry Farming.
  • Mushroom Farming Business.

Is piggery a good business?

A piggery is a good business, but it carries environmental risks. Waste disposal is of paramount importance and the ensuring the cleanliness of the pens will protect the pigs from getting sick or infected with communicable diseases. When it comes to a piggery business, location is not enough.

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