FAQ: How To Feed Sheep In Farming Simulator 2017?


Can you feed sheep hay bales in Farming Simulator 17?

In fact, you can also feed Sheep using Hay Bales, by putting them into a Bale Shredder (Not in Farming Simulated 17, may be a mod) and unloading the shredder into the trough. As long as there is at least 1 liter of Grass in the trough, it will be consumed at a constant rate of about 15 liters per Sheep, per day.

Where do you fill fertilizer in Farming Simulator 2017?

In one of the storage spaces by your Goldcrest Valley home you can find fertilizer stillages, which can be used to fill manure spreaders and sprayers.

How fast do sheep reproduce fs19?

At 100% productivity, sheep reproduce at a rate of one Sheep per 960 hours divided by the number of sheep of the same color in the pen. Example: Assuming 100% productivity, if you have 10 Sheep (brown) in a single pen, they will create one new Sheep (brown) every 960/10 = 96 hours.

Can you feed sheep grass bales in fs19?

Sheep are one of the easiest animals to breed in Farming Simulator 19. This is thanks to their low requirements – give them a bit of grass or hay ( you can buy hay as bales ) and water.

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Do sheep eat hay bales?

Most flocks of sheep will be fed some hay for the winter. Even as your sheep are munching away on a fall pasture or nipping the late season growth off of your lawn, you know you need to get some winter hay.

Can animals die in fs17?

Can animals die in this game if you neglect them? Just to add on Jasn’s comment, if you’re using Seasons mod – yes they do. But only on normal and hard difficulty. On easy mode, they still don’t die with seasons installed.

How do you fill the sprayer on Farming Simulator 2017?

To fill the Fertilizer Sprayer, tow it right up next to the pallet, and hit the refill button. Refilling will automatically stop when the tank is full or if sprayer is pulled away from the tank. Refilling can also be stopped manually by pressing the refill button again.

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