Bdo How To Start Farming?


Is farming profitable BDO?

Farming is one of the most profitable uses for your Contribution Points, but if you don’t like it, it will just end up being a chore. After spending 100 Contribution on Strong Fences, it can be leveled fairly quick.

How does BDO 2020 make money?

Black Desert Online Best Ways To Earn Silver

  1. 1 Number 5: Horse Breeding.
  2. 2 Number 4: Fishing.
  3. 3 Number 3: Trade Runs.
  4. 4 Number 2: Life Skills.
  5. 5 Number 1: Grinding.

Where can I buy a small fence in BDO?

Location of NPC’s Which Rent Fences in BDO.

  • In Balenos Territory. Finto Farm – Martina Finto – Small Fence. Toscani Farm – Paolo Toscani – Plain Fence.
  • In Serendia Territory. Costa Farm – Mael Costa – Small fence.
  • In Calpheon Territory. Dias Farm – Enzo – Small fence.
  • Mediah Territory. Abun – Difry Hussey – Small fence.

How do I get a job at BDO?

The nearest Work Supervisor can be found by using the NPC Finder button at the top right of the screen. Click on the Pickaxe icon labeled Worker. Talk to the Work Supervisor (R) and find the button labeled Contract Workers. Each time you attempt to hire a worker, it will cost 5 energy and require 1 lodging.

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How is fertilizer used in BDO?

You can make your own or go buy some from marketplace. It’s not very expensive. Step 2: Right click on your water and your fertilizer until the bars are showing full. The water and fertilizer will be applied to all the crops in that farm fence.

How do you water a BDO plant?

You will need to water. To get water for your garden you need to collect them from the river. To do this you will need to find a material vendor in a town/city by using the NPC button and then purchase Empty Bottles.

How much can you make farming BDO?

BDO Farming Profit: Earn 150+ Million per Day.

Where can I grind BDO 2020?

High End Grinding Spots

Grind Spot AP/DP Required Ratings (based on the same gear/levels)
Gyfin Rhasia Temple 261 AP (Kutum) 300 DP ★★
Forest Ronaros 235 AP (Kutum) 270 DP ★★ (marni stones)
Manshaum Forest 235 AP (Kutum) 270 DP ★★ (marni stones)


Where can I get a fence in BDO?

Most fences are rented from NPC for contribution points (CP) but Jemkas in Northern Guard Camp gives you a Shabby Fence for free as quest reward once you hit Gathering: beginner (6) or finished the “Go to the Northern Heidel Quarry” quest.

How do I increase my mastery level in BDO?

Life Skill Mastery can also be increased by items like Loggia clothes, various tools, and accessories. Processing Mastery: allows you to mass process multiple items at one time with a Processing Stone. Example: Master 3 gives 23 batches with one single Process.

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How do I get a special haystack in BDO?

1) Use Drying in the Processing window ((Manufacture)) to make Weeds x50 into a Haystack. 2) Leave the Haystack in your garden, and use Plant Breeding to get High-Quality Haystack and Special Haystack.

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