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August at Laggan, South of Scotland Monitor Farm

18th September 2014

August at Laggan, South of Scotland Monitor Farm

I even managed to make it away on honeymoon. My wife Amy gave me the challenge to finish clipping our 750 ewes and hogg’s by the beginning of July as she had booked our honeymoon and she was going with or without me!! There was only one thing for it, and that was to drag Dad out of his clipping retirement aged 69. I did try and talk him out of it but he said he found clipping 40 ewes a day easier than an afternoon babysitting for twins!! Anyway it was hot work but we managed to finish with 2 days to spare and off we went to Portugal for a week. When we returned the temperature in the UK was very similar to that of Portugal so did not take too much getting used to.

With everyone on a high with the weather, and both Laggan and the caravan park in full swing, the farm has had a quiet couple of weeks. Staff on holidays, so time to get some spraying and some fencing done oh and not to mention some kite surfing! Living so close to the coast has its benefits. Late night waterskiing and fishing just to help unwind after a busy days work.

Lamb prices started the year on a high, which was a breath of fresh air, however things have taken a nose dive since then. Our first lambs of the year were sold in excess of £100 however I took lambs to market on Tuesday and I did come home feeling somewhat deflated. Cast mule ewes making more money that prime lambs. Lambs that were making £100 are now struggling to make £67. At times like this I am very pleased that we have diversified in the Agri-tourism market. At least with tourism market you can almost map out your next years figures, whereas with farming there is never a year of stability. Its either feast or famine!!

Second cut silage has now been completed and the sale season is about to commence. Only a week now until the Scotch Mule sale in Castle Douglas so its time to beautify the ewe lambs ready for their big day…

Murray McConchie

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