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Changes Ahead for Go Rural

29th July 2015

Changes Ahead for Go Rural

Go Rural have been working extremely hard to increase the profile of agritourism in Scotland with consumers, industry and politicians.  This has involved campaigning strongly for more recognition for the sector and an understanding of what the sector contributes to rural communities and the economy as a whole.

Go Rural have been account managed by Scottish Enterprise over the past 6 months as a result of the acknowledgement of the impact they make on the agritourism sector and potential future impact. They recognise that we are a young Industry Organisation and that our members make a significant impact on fragile rural economies. Go Rural is now moving to become a not for profit Industry body for the sector and Scottish Enterprise have agreed to assist the new Go Rural structure by providing some initial support. 

We have changed our membership structure with very basic membership now starting at £30.00 plus VAT.  This is in response to micro businesses who wish to join and support Go Rural but who cannot afford a membership of £250.00 plus VAT.  There are other changes to the membership, details of which can be found here Go Rural Membership 2015-16.pdf.  We will continue to focus on leadership, being a voice for the sector and raising the profile of our members with politicians and industry as well as supporting our members with consumer marketing. Going forward this year, we will use income to develop and roll out a much more enhanced digital marketing strategy, supported by external experts and delivering improved website performance via We will also continue to pro-actively market our members on social media, via Farmer of the Week and at events such as The Highland Show.

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