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Back to Basics by Kim Gall, Gin Bothy

15th October 2015

Back to Basics by Kim Gall, Gin Bothy

Travelling to Tuscany and Umbria with Go Rural on a quest for slow food and  true artisan creators I wanted to see how my Gin Bothy creations were mastered by the Italians. Hailed by many as the epitome of local produce I ventured to rural producers to experience the regions finest.

I use local fruit handpicked by farms less than 5 miles from the Bothy and still produce completely by hand so Italy and their passion for liquers seemed perfect.

We met amazing people, the passion the creators had, their love of food and the desire to tell their story was intense and it seemed at times like a crusade to educate me on the power of real food, grown locally, eaten locally by real people.


On reflection although Italy is beautiful and passionate holds its own charm but nothing that Scotland doesnt, yes we dont have the climate but with the freshest berries now exported worldwide, skilled distillers and a landscape that is the envy of many we too can, with some joined up thinking tell our stories, link our land and create true artisan products.


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