Go Rural for Business

Getting Automated

18th July 2014


Laggan Farm - Agritourism Monitor Farm

It was only 2 days ago when I started timing myself and the team taking telephone calls to arrange bookings for customers.  On reception this year we have Izzy, a school leaver heading off to art college in September and the Day Manager, either myself or my colleague Steve.  So, our record length to book was a total of 28 minutes over 3 phone calls discussing the options.On average we are taking about 10 minutes to take a booking and we're taking loads of bookings..  So averaging that out across the year, someone is spending over month on the phone just for bookings.  We're really looking forward to one of the forthcoming Monitor Farm sessions which will focus on how we can take bookings on line, reduce paper work on arrival, arrange payments automatically on line and make the process for the customer seamless.

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